Crywolf Releases Acoustic EP That Will Take Your Breathe Away

Man, sometimes you start a blog post and have no clue where to even start. 90 percent of my posts on this site are literally some regurgitated mainstream bullshit that gets stuck on FM airwaves for the next 14 months. Then every once in a while you get to post something truly worthy of actual space on major blogs.

Volume 1 of what I’m hoping is a multiple-volume series features a culmination of tracks from Crywolf’s EP with Ianborg and his Angel’s EP that was released before that. My favorite so far has to be “Eyes Half Closed”. I just wish super talented artists like Justin received the actual mainstream attention they deserve.

*Fair Warning* this will have you texting your ex 30x faster than any Drake single.

Download: Crywolf – Acoustic EP Vol. 1

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