Hilarious Video Absolutely Rips Tidal A New Bleached Asshole, Says What Everyone Is Thinking

We are so happy that JAY Z’s new artist supported streaming platform TIDAL is quickly proving to be an epic fail. The first few days after “the announcement” where a bunch of rich artists awkwardly stood on stage, many were silent. But as time went on, more and more are speaking out against it. Even Kanye has hidden any shred of his previous support. There’s just no way in hell people would choose to pay $20 – sorry, $19.99/month, while Spotify is still an incredible option. We don’t even think an exclusive JAY Z x Beyonce joint album is going to save it.

We can rant all day about the greed these artists have displayed in backing such a product, but perhaps nothing says it better than this hilarious parody video.

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