Henrix Drops “Alright,” Discusses Starting A Record Label & Inspirations In Exclusive Interview

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Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Miami-based Henrix has been making quite the name for himself since breaking out onto the scene. With his unique style of production that embodies percussive drops and massive melodic breaks; Henrix shows no signs of slowing down. Today we have his newest release, “Alright,” a collab with Bream featuring Zashanell. In addition to the track, we at FITA were able to ask Henrix a few questions regarding him starting a record label, his inspirations, super-powers and much more in this exclusive interivew!


Download: Henrix & Bream Ft. Zashanell – Alright

1) What’s the history of Henrix & the meaning behind your name?
– I started of DJing then making music around 8-9 years ago. I used to go by my real name Pedro Henriques then switched to name Henrix about 3 years ago. The name Henrix came about when i was 4 months trying to figure out a new name and Digital Lab reminded me that Tiesto one time pronounced my last name wrong on his Clublife show. He pronounced it Henrix instead of Henriques haha

2) How do you prepare and what gets you most amped during a performance?
– I dont really have any pre show rituals. I try to just stay calm. What really gets me amped is seeing the crowd before I get on. When you see its a packed crowd it gets you hyped and I always tend to get on like 5 minutes early because I cant wait

3) You are from Miami, and are currently playing all over the United States, so what city/state goes the hardest/is the craziest?
– Miami, Las Vegas, los Angeles, New York, San Fransisco are some that go pretty hard! A lot of places do but if I were to name some out of the top of my head those would be it

4) What are the Top 5 songs on your iPod/that you listen to everyday?
– Hmm thats a hard one. I’ve been listening to all of Kanyes old albums lately. Im always listening to Dance Music so when I get in my car I try to listen to something different and lately thats whats been on repeat. But 2 weeks back i had Madeons album on repeat! Its so amazing, the dude has so much talent its insane

5) What are your Top 5 movies?
– Scarface, The Godfather, The Godfather 2, The Shawshank Redemption, Warrior. Im sure theres others I cant think of right now but these came to mind haha

6) EDM can really touch on people’s emotions, what is the most emotional song you have produced?
– Ivan Gough, Feenixpawl Ft. Georgi Kay – In my Mind (Henrix Remix)

7) Who/what has been your main inspiration/motivation?
– Ah thats a hard question to just name one. Theres so many artists and people who have inspired me. My family, Kanye West, Jay – Z, Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Laidback Luke, Swedish House Mafia, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Tiesto, Eric Prydz, Pink Floyd, Queen…The list goes on honestly, these people not only inspired me musically but in other ways such as being a business man and other forms of artistry thats not music

8) If you could collaborate with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
– Pretty much almost everyone of those people I mentioned in the question above. they really inspire me and their music is amazing. I wish I could pick all of their brains!

9) You have releases off Kaskade’s Arkade, Mixmash (collaboration with Laidback Luke) and Size Records, do you see yourself ever having your own record label?
– Yes I do! The thought has crossed my mind plenty of times and even thought of names already for it but it has to be the correct time. I don’t want to just open a label just to open it you get me. Everything I do I try to plan it correctly and try to do it when the time is right. Timing is everything in this industry

10) What are you working on now?
– Lots of new music. New solo originals and collabs and also remixes. Im a workaholic honestly. The only days I try to take off the studio is weekends when I’m touring. I don’t believe in days off except for Sundays and even then I probably still work a bit haha

11) How do you feel about the growth of EDM? Where do you see it going?
– I feel great about it. Our community for the most part has wanted the world to see how good Dance Music is and now the world has front row seat and they’re loving it. By it becoming more mainstream it brings more people to discover also the other sub genres in Dance Music that aren’t so commercialized. So I see it as a good thing

12) Anything that you’re particularly excited about for 2015?
– To finally release all this new music I’ve been holding on to! Last year I held on to a lot of music and now I’m just letting them go back to back. It feels good to finally show the world what i’ve been up to in the studio. A lot of stuff I’m working on isn’t a 4X4 EDM track so I’m really excited to see what people think

13) What are your future plans?
– To keep perfecting my craft. You’re never perfect and you can always do better in everything you do in life. Going to also be touring a lot more and I also have other business ventures outside of the music industry that I’m looking forward to

14) If you could have any super power, what would it be?
– Predict the lottery numbers! hahah

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!