‘Fast And Furious 8’ Has A Release Date And Is On It’s Way

main_content_back Photo Credit: via furious7.com

Well it didn’t take long for Universal, Vin Diesel and all of Fast & FuriousSocial Media to break the news that Furious 8 is in fact being made and already has a release date! Don’t get too excited, though, you’ll have to wait a while to see it.

Diesel initially broke the news at CinemaCon in Vegas today that Furious 8 will hit the big screen on April 17th, 2017; just under two years from now and then Universal and the official Fast & Furious Facebook confirmed it.

There are no further details about the movie at this time, but, seeing as though Furious 7 just recently surpassed $1.15 BILLION at the box office (making it the seventh highest grossing film of all time), you can bet Universal will be pulling out every Houdini trick in the book just to try and come close to that number.

Just to make this somewhat music related – can we get the Furious 8 Soundtrack sooner than two years from now? That’d be nice, right?


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