JAY Z & Beyonce’s Joint Album Reportedly On The Way To Save TIDAL

jay z beyonce 2015Photo Credit: Beyonce’s Instagram

Between failing on the Apple store, and losing Kanye West’s supportJAY Z‘s newly acquired streaming service TIDAL is off to a rocky start. Meanwhile, Spotify is apparently worth more than the entire music industry combined.

But it looks like Jayonce are here to (try, keyword, try) and save the day. HOV and Beyonce‘s joint album was first rumored last September, and now reports are coming in that it’s almost done, and it will almost too obviously be a TIDAL exclusive.

Sounds like the release plan all along was going to be an attempt to boost the platform, but… will it work?

My quick 4 cents on TIDAL’s situation:

1) Most people I know are totally satisfied ripping something off YouTube or Soundcloud… they don’t need much more quality than that. Hell, these are the same people that would record songs off the radio on CASSETTE tape.

C’mon HOV, did you really think we’d pay $20/month to get something in higher quality, when most people are still listening to shit on iPhone headphones and shitty car stereos? I’ll stick with my cheap but awesome Spotify tyvm. Now, if Spotify were to offer a higher quality service with supreme sound, I may consider paying a tiny bit more per month… but not $20. No thanks.

2) I’m so proud of humanity for not being fooled by corporate greed and seeing right through TIDAL’s utter BULLSHIT. Getting a bunch of rich artists to prance around on stage and change their social media profile pictures to the most annoying, eye sore color out there, DID NOT WORK!

3) The whole exclusivity thing… meh. I can live without the Jayonce joint album for the 4 hours it takes someone to rip that shit and upload it to the interwebz.


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