Watch Justin Bieber Put In Chokehold, Kicked Out Of Coachella During Drake’s Set

While Drake was busy getting to first base with Madonna, closing out Coachella‘s first weekend, Justin Bieber wasn’t having quite as much fun… That’s because he was busy getting escorted out. And by escorted out we mean he was put in a chokehold and kicked out of the festival entirely.

The word is, Bieber tried to walk through the artist entrance but was told it was over capacity, even though they had all the right wristbands.

He was seen arguing with security, as he pointed out there’s no way he can stand in gen pop without being trampled by fans, but the security guards had ran out of fux to give by then and told him to leave.

Did they know who they were talking to?

Bieber pushed saying he was personally invited by his Canadian brother Drake and had been waiting all weekend to see him perform, likely fan-girling hard. Security naturally got pissed. But things got ugly when a Coachella staffer came over and grabbed Bieber by the arm to get him into the artist area… which security clearly was not cool with.

At this point, they came up behind Bieber (something I’m sure he’s used to), and put him in a chokehold. After the scuffle, he was asked to leave the festival entirely.

Sources say Bieber left on his own accord and is thinking about taking legal action against the guards.


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