Nelly Thinks He’s Walter White and is Facing Some Serious Drug Charges

nelly arrested on drug charges (mug shot)

Today has been a rollercoaster day for Nelly! The rapper was pulled over in Tennessee early Saturday morning for his tour bus failing to furnish a Department of Transportation and Interstate Fuel Tax Association stickers. When the officer pulled up to the bus he noticed a strong stench of marijuana coming from the bus, which provided the officer with probable cause to search it. This is where things get interesting!

Upon a search of the bus, the officer stumbled upon an assortment of illicit items. 100 Baggies of Marijuana individually packaged, 5 Rocks of Crystal Meth, a gold-plated 50-Caliber Desert Eagle (similar to Golden Eye on N64), a 45-Caliber Taurus Pistol, and a 500 Magnum Smith and Wesson. Nelly is no facing some pretty serious charges.

Felony possession of drugs, simple possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia is what Nelly was brought up on after being transported to the Putnam County Jail in Cookeville, TN. Thank god his close friend from Real Husbands of Hollywood is Kevin Hart, he got Will Ferrell ready for San Quentin in Get Hard. But in all seriousness, let’s hope for the best from Nelly and hopefully this was some simple misunderstanding.

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