SoundCloud’s New Partnership Will Increase Scanning On Music With Copyright Violations


Well, before you run to your SoundCloud account to take down any “illegal” uploads you may have, there’s more to this story than you think and it starts with YouTube.

YouTube currently works with ZEFR, a video rights and content management company, that protects owner’s content and branding by scanning millions of videos per day in attempts to catch any copyright infringements that may exist.

Why relevant? SoundCloud just partnered with ZEFR, however, the motives behind this partnership are somewhat unclear.

YouTube, for the most part, hasn’t used ZEFR to take down many videos that infringe on copyright legalities, but rather, ZEFR has been used to monetize the videos that do possess copyright infringements by allowing the original owner of the “content” to claim it as their own and run AD’s on ANY video(s) with their content.

It looks like SoundCloud may be aiming to do the same thing by adding ZEFR to their payroll. SoundCloud already has their own propriety software that scans for copyright infringements (as many of us know all too well), so incorporating ZEFR to increase the number of “scanned infringements” and “takedowns” doesn’t make much sense, but using ZEFR to identify infringements and allow labels/artists to claim their content and run AD’s, does make a little more sense.

This is a total “catch-22” situation, if you ask me. On one hand, SoundCloud will theoretically be making more money from this partnership, which presumably means less “takedowns” on the site (a good thing for artists).

On the other hand, monetization, in this case, will inevitably lead to more AD’s on tracks that have been scanned as “infringed” (a bad thing, because who wants to sit through AD’s in order to hear a song?), but your track gets to stay up on SoundCloud and not taken down.

We’ll see how this plays out in the coming months, but regardless, looks like it’ll be tough to “win” with SoundCloud in any case…


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