Skrillex Has Officially Confirmed Another 2015 Album

1035x680-skrillex-intro-1800-1394542867 Photo Credit: via Rolling Stone

Thanks to the amigos over at Thissongissick, who broke the news, it looks like we have another solo, Skrillex Album on the way…and soon!

As you may know, Skrilly released his first studio album, Recess, just over a year ago, and then followed that up with the Jack Ü album two months ago with Diplo, which just about broke the internet.

Skrillex was out with bowling with friends when they asked him about what fans should expect in the future, and that’s where Skrillex opened Pandora’s box about the album. No further details, as of now, but catch the video after the jump to see Sonny say those magic words: “Another Skrillex Album coming out soon…” Skip to 1:45 to see it.

Side note – Skrillex would pick a bowling alley with friends to casually drop this news, as if it were no big deal. Sorry Skrillex, it is a big deal and we can’t wait. Oh yeah, and Skrillex will be at Coachella Weekend 2. True Story. Don’t believe me? Check it HERE.

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!