Zella Day – Compass (Milk N Cookies Remix) [Free Download]

Bruhhhhhhhhh, like normally the Milk N Cookies remixes are all doo doo doo wub wub wub doo doo. This time around though they slowed it down to 110 beats per minute which ironically is the same amount of jerking the twins do per minute.

Every once in a while you gotta put your uppers aside, roll up a fat dooby, and jam out to some chiller tunes. Whether it’s baby making, studying, or you’re just hungover as dick…. this is the track you want in your playlist.

I’m on like play 17 and just now realized it’s a free download. Getting a #post-bro tattoo brb.

Download: Zella Day – Compass (Milk N Cookies Remix)

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