Drake Loses Thousands To The Game Betting On Kentucky In Final Four

drake kentucky

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Undefeated Kentucky lost to Big Ten’s (how’s that for a B1G team in both the football and basketball championship games) Wisconsin and the backlash was quite tumultuous. Not just for the heartbroken fans, but also to the Cats’ number one fanboi, Drake.

Drizzy bet $6,000 to The Game on the final four matchup, and lost. Granted… to him $6K is literally something he could wipe his ass with and think nothing of it, so we don’t really feel bad… but still, unless you’re a Kentucky fan you can’t help but form a slight grin.

Why did The Game pick Big Frank?

1) Wisconsin starts with a “W”
2) It was the day of the Blood Moon
3) Always bet on the RED team.

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