Wait Did Kendrick Lamar Steal Another Instrumental?

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. This plays true for Indie hip-hop artist Christian Deshun from Los Angeles. His well received EP SMPLCTY was released last year, with one of the stand out singles being “Thank You”. When Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly was released last week, there was speculation that K. Dot had stolen Christian Deshun’s “Thank You” and turned it into “Momma“. You can listen to both records below to see for yourself! But the fact of the matter was that Christian had leased the beat from KNXWLEDGE, and Kendrick ended up getting the exclusive a year later. Take note Indie artists, protect your material!

Instead of dwelling on this, Christian is going to continue to strive for success. He just released a visual titled “Undisclosed” which is ending up on his album Subtle Weekends releasing this Summer. This was a flashback to a time where Christian was financially scraping by, by intellectually rich. Him and his homies in Louisiana would go to this abandoned trap house off the grid, which you couldn’t even get to with a GPS. Hence the name “Undisclosed”. Stay tuned for more from Christian, but in the meantime, decided for yourself if Kendrick is really a thief.

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