So JAY Z’s TIDAL Streaming Service Just Proved How It’ll Take Over The World


TIDAL, Jay-Z‘s newly announced and released streaming service has taken the world by storm…and it’s only been available for three days! I’m not here to lecture or “sell” this service to you all. I’m here to show you HOW TIDAL already has the wheels turning to change everything about everything, and it starts with two words: Daft Punk.

The whole point of TIDAL (well a big part of it) is the access it gives subscribers to “exclusive content,” and Jay Z just released quite the line of exclusive content!

Short backstory – Daft Punk released two movies after their infamous albums, Homework (accompanied by the movie ‘D.A.F.T.’) and Discovery (accompanied by the movie ‘Interstella 5555’) were dropped. Daft Punk made a third movie, Electroma, which the duo directed and co-wrote, however, was the only of the three movies to NOT include any Daft Punk music…(Insert TIDAL here).

Just released on TIDAL was a slew of new content including, The White Stripes’ first-ever television appearance, playlists curated by Arcade Fire, Jay Z, BeyoncĂ©, and Coldplay and of course, an extended, remastered version of Daft Punk’s movie Electroma.

Why so cool? The remastered movie contains “Never before seen bonus material,” which to us, could mean a plethora of things, but we’re hoping it means new, unreleased Daft Punk music!

Guess you’ll just have to subscribe to TIDAL to find out, and since I don’t have a TIDAL subscription (yet), feel free to comment if you do, and have seen the movie and can enlighten us what this “bonus material is all about.”

Here’s a preview to the movie:

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