Krewella Debuts Epic Live Band At Ultra 2015 Amidst “Wireless CDJs” Accusations

krewella live band ultra

It shouldn’t come as a giant surprise, but Krewella have taken their live act to the next level. The now duo debuted a full fledged live band with drums and guitar at Ultra Music Festival – in addition to live vocals we’ve seen since last year.

krewella live band ultra 2015

It’s clear the fans are enjoying the f*ck outta the live performance, although the live stream didn’t do it enough justice.


krewella live band ultra

krewella live band ultra

You’ll also see this picture floating around the internet today (click to enlarge):


Fans, foes, music critics and Deadmau5 are calling out the group for “not plugging in” – pointing out that there are no RCA, USB or network cables visibly plugged in, causing quite the stir.

deadmau5 krewella wireless cdj's controversy

We reached out to their management as a writer of ours is standing with them on the sidelines at the festival, and they pointed out they are indeed plugged in, here, as Krewella has now responded to as well:

It’s called USB’s.

Or as Deadmau5 likes to call it… “United Shoe Beats”

And “Useless Shit Bowl”

And “Underwear, Sheets, Bed”

And “Use Some Books”

And “Use Strawberries Bro”

And Wireless USB

deadmau5 krewella

And here’s an un-cropped image. What’s that we see, cables?


I’m just sitting here scratching my head, wondering why a) people hate the girls so much they’ll say shit about them no matter what and b) why Krewella even needs to DJ anymore now that they’ve got a full fledged live band with live vocals, forming a new EDM super group, evolving themselves post Rain Man, and taking the genre to unforeseen places?

[Photos via Twitter]

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