Lil Wayne Sends Bodyguard To KO Explicit Fan In Crowd [Video]


We’ll preface this post by warning people that if you’re at a show and you’re screaming/displaying obscenities to the artist that is playing, you’re night is probably going to end very poorly…and in this case, quickly!

According to TMZ, after a young fan became agitated by Weezy’s tardiness to his own performance, the fan used his iPhone to show off a scrolling message that read “F*ck Weezy” to the crowd and stage. Right, because I’m sure telling Weezy to “F*ck himself” will get him on the stage faster…rookie move, bro.

There’s always two sides to every story, and in this case, it was a dumb play by the fan to call Wayne out like he did. BUT, on the flip side, Lil Wayne definitely played the pussy card here and had his muscle clean up the mess…cowardly if you ask us. Then again, “he’ll catch a body and he’ll laugh about it…”

Watch Fan Get KO’d By Weezy’s Bouncer HERE:

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