TomorrowWorld Introduces ‘The Manor’ And For A Cool $40K It Can Be Yours

1389622552_fantasy 2014 - 1 face Photo Credit: MPaulo Almeida

TomorrowWorld just introduced a plethora of new camping options that will open the campgrounds to an additional 40,000 people. You can read about them here. The option everyone is talking about is the introduction of ‘The Manor,’ which pretty much tops staying at a 5-star hotel. And no, the picture above is not what it actually looks like, but I’m guessing it’ll look like something straight from Alice In Wonderland.

Rather than me retype TomorrowWorld’s description of ‘The Manor‘ (and this is not out of laziness, this is doing everyone a favor, and also avoiding plagiarism), I’ve given you an image of what to expect from this lavish mansion TomorrowWorld plans to bring to Georgia, beginning this year. Read below…is it worth it?

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.38.40 PM


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