Flosstradamus Just Remixed “Coco” From O.T. Genasis

The title is correct. Floss just remixed O.T. Genasis‘ massive hit track “Coco,” and here are six things you need to know about it:

1) This remix is filthy.
2) Official release date is March 23rd.
3) Perfect timing considering Festival Season is right around the corner. Surely we’ll be hearing this remix at every one.
4) You’ll either, pre-game to this, party to this, or post-game to this track tonight. Fact.
5) If you’re at a party right now, screw “the DJ code”, and DEMAND this be played immediately. If not, you can be a hero by stealing the aux cord, plugging in your phone and putting this on repeat for the next 10 hours (minimum).
6) Do you have bakin’ soda, right now? Cause if not, you’ll need some after hearing this (too turnt to care).

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