Sam Lachow – Cadillacs & Videos (Ft. Magik & Ariana DeBoo) [Official Music Video]

With literally no budget at all, Seattle artist Sam Lachow somehow made a super entertaining music video for “Cadillacs & Videos”. Lachow is about to set off on a nationwide spring tour, but before he left he had to hook his fans up with some new visuals. “Cadillacs & Videos” is one of my personal favorite tracks off the previously released Huckleberry album, and it features frequent collaborators Ariana DeBoo (who will also be on tour with Lachow) and Magik.

It’s kind of hard to sum up a video this unique, so I’ll let Lachow explain it in his own words below. Just know that it’s really dope and a lot of weird stuff goes on. Also, if you’ve been sleeping on it this long, make sure to cop Huckleberry on iTunes!

“A while back me and my friends made a lil video for “Cadillacs & Videos” that never got released. We smoke weed in it and drive a wooden car, it’s awesome. We made this shit with zero budget so thanks to my friends who helped!”

iTunes: Sam Lachow – Huckleberry

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