Martin Garrix And Avicii Have A New Collab In The Works

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 8.46.03 PM Photo Credit: Martin Garrix Instagram

Screw Game of Thrones, the rest of the TV series and all the books (Note to George R. R. Martin…stop writing) because we just found out who takes the Iron Throne. His name is Martin Garrix and he now rules the entire world. Fact.

In the past seven days, Garrix put out “Don’t Look Down” with Usher (no big deal collabing with Usher or anything), spun at Justin Bieber‘s birthday party at Omnia in Las Vegas (just the newest and sickest nightclub in Vegas at the moment…oh and it was Garrix’s 18th birthday that night as well), and today, released the picture above on his Instagram of himself and Avicii working in the studio together.

Maybe Avicii stopped by to see Garrix’s pics from Omnia? Perhaps some nudes of Bieber’s sloots? Or maybe Avicii dropped in to help him master a track? But with the caption on the pic, “happening now @avicii,” we’ll use our best deductive reasoning skills and guess a collab is in the works. Stay tuned, as we’ll update you as we know/hear more about this, and in the meantime, ponder this: does Garrix inherit Khaleesi’s dragons, or marry her and then inherit the dragons? Seems like a win/win don’t you think?

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