Of Monsters and Men – Crystals

Of Monsters and Men is one of those bands that you just have to experience in a festival setting to to evoke all possible emotions. But if you can’t, new music will have to do. The band just released a brand new single “Crystals” with a lyric video (that for me, instantly brings up The Giver novel – it’s probably just the beard and the black & white). Simply put, this is just some good music. Their new album Beneath The Skin is slated for a June 9th release, a day after Muse’s record.


1. Crystals
2. Human
3. Hunger
4. Wolves Without Teeth
5. Empire
6. Slow Life
7. Organs
8. Black Water
9. Thousand Eyes
10. I Of The Storm
11. We Sink

Deluxe Edition:
12. Backyard
13. Winter Sound
14. Black Water (Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear Remix)
15. I Of The Storm (Alex Somers Remix)

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