International R&B Newcomer OgaSilachi Makes U.S. Splash With “Sweetie Gone Bad”

OgaSilachi copy

Not since the arrival of Akon has there been an international artist of African-descent to reach the same success as the music mogul on U.S. soil. Until now it appears with the arrival of a new international Nigerian recording artist by the name of OgaSilachi.

The Triple-Threat (Singer/Songwriter/Producer) up-and-coming sensation greets U.S. territory with release of his new single titled, “Sweetie Gone Bad”. A crossover melody written and produced by OgaSilachi inspired by the Muss Coupe’s, “You are My Sweety, My Sugar (Let Me Love You)”. OgaSilachi expresses his infatuation for his heart’s desire in traditional poetic fashion that will quickly catch the attention of radio.

Due to OgaSilachi strong unique appeal, attractive foreign accent, and impressive production skills, it’s undoubtedly certain many will compare the 22 year-old with the Senegal man behind the greats like T-Pain and Lady Gaga. Honorably compared to the greats early on in an artist’s career is always a benefit to receiving an open ear and we could be looking at one of this year’s biggest breakout stars if we continue to receive content as good as this. Visual treatment for “Sweetie Gone Bad” is on the way.


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