Kanye West To Receive Honorary Doctorate From Art Institute of Chicago

screen-shot-2015-02-12-at-1-14-39-pm[1]Photo Credit: concequenceofsound.com

How “useless” are degrees becoming? Looks like you don’t even need to go to class to get a doctorate nowadays. Kanye West will soon become Dr. West thanks to an honorary degree from the Art Institute of Chicago. In a 35 minute interview with Clique, he brings up the art school:

“I was a gifted artist since age five and won national competitions and went to art school,” Kanye said. “I’m actually getting an honorary doctorate on May 5th from the Art Institute of Chicago.”

He attended American Academy of Art and Chicago State University before dropping out for… of course – The College Dropout Feb 2004, over 11 years ago.

Full interview:

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