Tchami Comes Back from the “After Life” with New EP


You know a song is going to be good when Soundcloud comments start the second the track begins. Today, the flag-bearer of the future house genre, Tchami, announced his second EP, After Life, and unveiled both the name-track of the EP, and its accompanying music video. In “After Life”, Tchami’s fantastic production induces chills as he guides you through a theatrical intro, accompanied by Stacy Barthes hypnotizing vocals, before dropping the track into a deep groove filled with percussions.

The music video for “After Life” depicts a soul-searching journey of a suicidal man that is questioning whether to live, and what might be beyond this life. If “After Life” is any indication of what his next EP will sound like, I think it’s safe to say it’s something we’re looking forward to. Listen to the track above and enjoy Tchami’s visual interpretation of his track below!

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