Here’s What Happens When Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize” Gets Mashed With The Cartoon Show ‘Dinosaurs’ [Video]

Benjamin Roberts just became an internet superstar overnight…and no he didn’t release a sex tape with Ray J. Roberts, who goes by the reddit name, “animalrobot,” decided to take three days off work to create this masterpiece. No seriously, Ben thought it would be genius to mix Biggie‘s classic track, “Hypnotize” with video footage of Earl Sinclair, the cartoon character from the early 90’s show, Dinosaurs.

On holidays from work, and with my family out of town, I dedicated three full days to creating the best mashup I could think of. Behold. – animalrobot (aka Benjamin Roberts).

Not sure if this is absolutely brilliant, or one of the most stupid videos I’ve ever seen, but you have to wonder; how much acid was Roberts on during this “stay-cation” of his? One hit, three hits, ten hits!? At the end of the day, whether you like it or not, this video is mad creative and perfectly synced…so we’ve got to give Ben some credit here. Some will say this is disrespectful to Biggie and others will say this is amazing. I plead the 5th; I’ll let you decide.

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