Hilltop Hoods – I’m A Ghost (Niklas Ibach Remix)

The Australian hip hop group known as Hilltop Hoods, are legends in Australia! Maybe you’ve heard of them!? No reason you should, they’ve only had 4 albums, in 8 years, hit #1 on the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) Album Chart…no big deal or anything.

Anyways, one of their hit singles, “I’m A Ghost,” just got remixed by 20 year old German, DJ and Producer, Niklas Ibach, and damn does it bring back some good memories of classic Hilltop Hoods music! Ibach takes a deep house approach to the track, while mixing some sweet vox from the original track. Just to be fair, it takes about a minute for the track to get good, so give it a chance, rather than hitting stop after 30 seconds.

Photo Credit: abc.net.au

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