Robin Thicke & Pharrell Hit Labeled “Rip-Off”, Owe Gaye Family Astounding Amount of Money

Ouchhhhhhh. Back in 2013 Marvin Gaye’s kids sued Pharrell & Robin Thicke based on the fact that their single “Blurred Lines” 100 percent sounded like a rip-off of Gaye’s own #1 single “Got To Give It Up”. As you can hear from the audio comparison above….. they definitely have quite the case.

Welp the ruling just came down a few hours ago and Pharrell/Thicke are on the hook for 7.3 million dollars owed to the Gaye family. The court decided that T.I. who rapped on the remix wasn’t liable for the damages. I’m not sure what kind of royalties the Gaye family still gets, but they were reportedly crying tears of happiness after hearing the news. Yeah no shit…. you just got awarded 7.3 million dollars.

You know T.I. is just sitting back like…

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