Mikey Bolts Absolutely Wows Us With His ‘Family Guy’ Cover Of “Uptown Funk”

Mikey Bolts has made a name for himself as an Entertainer on YouTube, where he he covers some of today’s hottest tracks in the voice’s of various cartoon characters from shows such as Family Guy, King of the Hill and American Dad. The guy has over 150 videos and 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube…nothing to shake your head at.

Recently, Bolts covered Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson‘s top-charter, “Uptown Funk,” and basically knocked it out of the park. With almost 5 million plays already, Bolts covered the song by mixing voices from Stewie, Peter, Neil, Quagmire and Herbert (the perverted old grandpa) from Family Guy, Hank from King of the Hill and Roger from American Dad. Seriously, though, there is no way this should be this good, but it is! Watch the video above, you’ll be glad you did! I haven’t steered you wrong here on FITA yet, have I? Maybe sometimes…lol, but not today.

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