Wale Reveals ‘The Album About Nothing’ Artwork & Tracklist

wale the album about nothing cover artwork

Wale‘s new album with Jerry Seinfeld, The Album About Nothing, is set to drop March 31st. Today we have the official artwork designed by Sue Tsai. What’s better, this, or the fan made, Seinfeld inspired art we saw last summer?

He’s also just given us the 13 song tracklisting which you can check out below. Funny how they all start with “The.”


1. The Intro About Nothing
2. The Helium Balloon
3. The White Shoes
4. The Pessimist
5. The Middle Finger
6. The One Time In Houston
7. The Girls On Drugs
8. The God Smile
9. The Need To Know
10. The Success
11. The Glass Egg
12. The Bloom
13. The Matrimony
14. The Body

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