[New Music] Arty, Arty And More…Arty

1925311_850157051693875_2739124661027866188_n Photo Credit: Ariya Behjat

This is wild, but three new Arty Remixes have surfaced within the last 24 hours! I see it like this; you save up a lot of money, over the course of time, to buy a brand new, murdered-out Audi R8, and then finally, you have enough money to buy it…so you do, and you show it off to the world. Well, looks like Arty has been saving these tracks for quite some time and decided it was time to buy that R8 (aka release all three remixes in one day).

He remixed the following: 1) Halsey‘s track – “Hurricane,” where Arty takes an uplifting, progressive house approach to compliment the vox on the track. 2) Ed Sheeran & Rudimental‘s track – “Bloodstream“, where Arty takes a deeper approach to the track, letting Sheeran’s vocals shine over Arty’s strong bassline and drum kicks. 3) RAC‘s track – “Let Go” Ft. Kele & MNDR (Krystal Klear Remix), where Arty plays to RAC’s ‘Indie-Rock’ style and adds a progressive house element, that makes it quite catchy. Check out all three remixes after the jump, as it looks like Arty just made some serious splashes in the music world!

Arty Remixes HERE:

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