Alesso Stars In “Cool” [Official Music Video]

Alesso stars in his own music video to his latest single, “Cool,” and actually plays a very ‘uncool’ character. It takes place at a high school, where clearly Alesso is the nerd/outcast, and the least popular of the group, but as the video progresses, Alesso breaks out of his shell, shows off some wicked dance moves, and ends up at Prom, dancing with his sexy school teacher. Sounds cheesy, right? But, it’s an entertaining video to watch, and of course, the song itself is a straight gem! This was definitely taken out of John Hughes‘ playbook (i.e. the director who of 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, and pretty much any other movie in the 80’s…R.I.P. John.).

Download: Alesso – Cool (Ft. Roy English)

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