Skrillex Unleashes An Arsenal Of New Music At Holy Ship!

Skrillex is absolutely on fire these days! Here’s what he’s done this year (so far); Collaborated with Yellow Claw & their “ID” track, showed off his collaboration with Wiwek, is about to drop his & Diplo’s Jack U EP (coming very, very soon) and released, “Take U There” Ft. Missy Elliot. If that wasn’t enough, Skrillex played at Holy Ship! last week and dropped a crazy amount of new tracks that we’re still trying to wrap our heads around them!

Check out the video above of Skrillex playing at Holy Ship!, where he starts playing “Imma Try It Out” and the drops brand new, unreleased tunes, that are nothing more than Skrillex at his best! All we can hope for is that these tracks see the light of day sometime in the near future. Yo Skrill drop it hard!

Photo Credit: Rukes

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