Ta-Ku x Jaden Smith – BEAST MODE

This is blowing our minds. Jaden Smith just dropped this new track, “Beast Mode,” with Ta-Ku on the beats and Jaden on the vox, and my guess is, you’re not going to believe this is Jaden rapping.

Ta-Ku rocks some old skool beats, sounding like something ‘A Tribe Called Quest‘ would spin; layered, complex, smooth and classic, while Jaden punishes lyric after lyric after lyric with such mad intensity…it’s actually really impressive. I mean, Jaden raps for 3 minutes straight, without pausing, and drops lines and rhymes that remind me of Eminem in his early days. The track is 8 minutes long, and Jaden doesn’t stop goin off on Ta-Ku’s beat for a second. Take a listen…this is the real deal!

Art by samuelburgessjohnson.com/

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