Figure Announces New Album & Releases First Track “Destiny Awaits” [Free Download]

The heavy bass extraordinaire Figure is back with his brand new single “Destiny Awaits.” This track is a blend of his classic synths mixed with 8-bits sounds that continue to showcase his steadfast approach to Bass music. This is what he had to say about the track:

I wanted to write a video game themed space cannon track , It seemed to work and I have had a blast playing it out ..

This free release is part of a series of releases leading to a FULL ALBUM!! More info regarding the album after the jump.

Download: Figure – Destiny Awaits


Destiny Awaits is the next installment of approximately a dozen tracks FIGURE has scheduled to come out between now and the end of summer ultimately leading up to a full album. All of the music will be released on his own imprint DOOM MUSIC, expecting a new release every 3-6 weeks until September.

As always FIGURE’s view is that his fans should have the choice to support his music offering the song for FREE via his Soundcloud while selecting the lowest possible price point to make it available on iTunes for $0.69 – He feels this way he is able to give his fans the choice, those that don’t want to purchase for whatever reason are able to avoid having to use third-party piracy sites to find his music. As always his goal is to engage his fans direct and ensure they all have an equal opportunity to consume his music.

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