Floyd Mayweather Talks Manny Pacquiao Fight Rumors At NBA All-Star Game

floyd mayweather nba all star game 2015

Moments ago, Floyd Mayweather was pulled from his courtside seats to answer a few questions. He was asked who “of these cats” would be able to best transition from the hardwood to the boxing ring, and he picks Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls.

But the question everyone was waiting for was about his fight with Manny Pacquiao. He was asked to confirm the $250 million rumor going around that it was a done deal – but he wasn’t able to do so. He says the offer is on the table but neither he nor Pacquiao have signed yet and that it was just “speculation.” He did confirm that it would definitely happen in May, since his name is Mayweather.

The full rumored fight is for a $250 million purse (split 60% Floyd, 40% Manny) and will reportedly be held May 2nd in Las Vegas.

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