Armin van Buuren’s Pure Trance Alter Ego Gaia Unleash “In Principio”

I’d have to say that over they years, pure trance has probably been my favorite “sub genre” of “EDM.” Whether it’s experiencing it live and feeling all the PLUR (I hate that word) with everyone around you, or just sitting around chugging along at work – this style of music makes you feel. I’m not talking the quite literally bass in your face, struggling to hold yourself up because it’s blowing you back type of feel you may experience from the hard hitting “full of festival bangers” type of sets, I’m talking feel.

Legends like Armin van Buuren have created trance for years (decades). But as of late, as EDM is exploding, they have (completely understandably) had to “pop” it up a bit and morph it to stay relevant, appeal to the masses, and take advantage of how lucrative the scene is. You obviously hear this with songs like “This Is What It Feels Like” – which was still amazing, but not “pure trance.”

But with alter egos like Gaia, he’s able to (with the help of long time collaborator Benno de Goeij) stay true to his roots at the same time and release the emotional music that made him big. The duo’s latest release comes in the form of “In Principio” and is worth many listens. Here’s the rip from his ASOT 700.

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