LAXX Talks Traveling, History, The Future Of EDM + More [Exclusive Interview]


The incredibly unique sounds of LAXX have led him to become one of the freshest names in Dubstep at the moment. We at FITA were lucky enough to sit down with the man himself last weekend before he played at Webster Hall in New York City. We spoke about his name, inspirations, traveling, the future of EDM, and more in this exclusive interview.

Exclusive Interview + LAXX Tracks:

1) What’s the history of LAXX & the meaning behind your name?
LAXX is slang, but it kind of means when ‘that’ guy turns up to the party late, but its not an insult, its like being fashionably late. I started playing instruments, and then as soon as I discovered music programmes I was writing on whatever programme I could get my hands on and it went from there.

2) How do you prepare and what get’s you most amped during a performance?
I stopped drinking just before I play.. Only on certain occasions, but only because I have such a manic set it’s pretty difficult to do if I’ve had a few. Hearing the sound of the main stage as I walk up to it pretty much gets me buzzed. You can tell when its going to be a crazy night pretty quick, but if its not before I get on, I’ll make sure it is when I leave..

3) What is your favorite performance to date? What’s the craziest party you’ve ever been to?
My first show in Las Vegas last week was the best show I could’ve hoped for, it was sold out and I’d just got off a 20 hour travelling trip to get to it, and basically got straight off the plane, had 10 minutes to get ready and then was on stage. It was unreal! Everything about that show was insane, but its also that people were so excited for me to be there that made it for me.

4) What are the Top 5 songs on your ipod/that you listen to everyday?
I haven’t had a lot of time to listen to music, but I downloaded a few things before a trip and had those on repeat.
Jam Baxter – Leashe
Mr Oizo – The Church
Hudson Mohawke – Chimes
Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
Munchi – Esta Noche

5) What’s your Top 5 movies?
Clockwork Orange
Being John Malkovitch
The Machinist
Mr Beans Holiday (No joke.. GULLY film.)

6) If you could sing one song on ‘American Idol’, what would it be and why?
Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing

7) Who/what inspires you?
Everything inspires me. I listen to everything, and travelling around the world is pretty inspirational. Seeing and hearing different things, even if they aren’t related, I usually find something to be inspirational.

8) If you could collab with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
Biggie. For sure.

9) What’s the furthest from home you’ve traveled for a show?
The USA shows last week, but I’m going to be hitting Australia soon, and then hopefully the Moon and Saturn.

10) Festival season is quickly coming up, which one(s) are you looking forward to the most?
EDC Las Vegas is going to be silly… I can’t wait.

11) What are you working on now?
A lot, but I can’t really talk about it. It’s going to be worth the wait..

12) Elaborate on your distinctive brand of ‘Twitch.’
Twitch is just about not being branded anything else. People just want to put things in boxes, and I don’t want to be categorised. I think my shit sounds different to other things out there, and my theory is I’m not trying to be like anyone else. Twitch is the kind of feeling you get when ‘that’ tune grabs you and it feels like your not in control of your body any more. I get it in the studio when things are coming together, like I lose sense of whats around me.

13) Anything that you’re particularly excited about for 2015?
So much. Theres going to be a lot of new music and some crazy shows coming up. I can’t wait.

14) How do you feel about the growth of EDM? Where do you see it going?
I think its great, I think a lot of kids will follow whats hot, but In a year or two people are going to be listening to everything rather than just one sound, which I think is the best. But most importantly people feeling like they can listen to what they want is important.

15) What are your future plans?

Shows all over the globe and putting out a ridiculous amount of music.

16) If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Being able to turn off auto tune on anyone, from anywhere in the world. This would be the best when big stars are performing live, I’d just want to expose and for people to try singing properly rather than getting an engineer to make them sound shit hot.

Biggup, thanks for having me. J

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