TomorrowWorld Releases ‘Welcome To DreamVille’ Recap

In 2014, TomorrowWorld hosted 160,000+ crazed dance music fans to shake the Chattahoochee Hills of Georgia with the best dance music acts as their commanders. In tandem with the festival, the festival creators built a village, DreamVille, to have fans camp out for four nights right next to the epic stages.

The DreamVille campgrounds provide a fantasy-inspired colony where international fans can set up their own tents or stay in one of the elite setups that TomorrowWorld provides. The festival recently released a recap video titled ‘Welcome To DreamVille” that welcomes fans into the DreamVille area to see the pure joy on festival-goers’ faces and their experiences living in the natural oasis.

Check out the video above to see for yourself and grab your tickets for TomorrowWorld 2015 here.

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