Lil Jon vs. Oliver Heldens – Get Low x Koala (Double Down’s Hometown Mashup)

WHATTTTTT!? OKAAAAAY! Just pretend like Lil Jon said that. Anyways, our good friends Double Down (John Smoltz & Dylan James) who by the way, are exploding on the EDM scene right now, have just created a killer mashup of Lil Jon‘s classic, “Get Low” and Oliver Heldens hit track, “Koala.”

The duo jump right into the track, mashing the vocals of “Get Low” over the melody of “Koala,” drawing instant attention to the track! We love the fact that the vocals never go away and maintain a consistent, yet “housey” feel to the song; something that’s really hard to do with a rap song like “Get Low” that’s set around 100BPM. This song is perfect for DJ’s because there are so many places throughout the mashup to transition into another track or visa-versa; the sign of great production. Expect to see a special VIP remix of this track in the next few days…you won’t want to miss it!

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!