What’s Kanye West Counting Down To?

kanyewest[1]Photo Credit: Pierre Suu, Getty Images

A few hours ago, Kanye West sent out a mysterious tweet linking to this website with a countdown timer to who knows what.

But with rumor that the Yeezy 3‘s are set to drop next week, we’re going to guess it’s that. Or something else design/clothing related.. “yeezy.supply” wouldn’t be anything else, right? Even the video footage on the site looks like some live feed of a conveyer belt or something, used in a manufacturing process.

Probably not an out of nowhere drop of his new album though. There’s also another rumor that he’s going to release a new single after the Grammys, but that’s too soon for the 6 day timer.

Looks like we’ll just have to wait till mid next week.

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