Kap Slap Releases First Original Single “Let It All Out”

Been waiting on Jared to drop something original for a long time now. He was pretty much the only mash-up guy I would actively still listen too. Plus the mixes he drops are pretty much the bees knees at any party. Kap Slap enlisted Angelika Vee for the vocals to “Let It All Out” and after listening you will instantly become a fan.

Not only is he starting off 2015 with all new originals, you can also catch him on tour with Gazzo. You gotta see that duo if they are coming to your town!

P.S. this shit was so good I used actual real world money to purchase it. Gas is cheap as balls anyways. Purchase this and then go roll your windows down (yes even you Nor’Easterners) and show the world your superior music tastes.

iTunes: Kap Slap – Let It All Out (Ft. Angelika Vee)

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!