Are Rihanna and Kanye Going On Tour Together In 2015?

rihanna kanye tour 2015

Rihanna let it slip that Kanye West would be touring in 2015 last year. And today, she finds her self in the rumor mill once again as a mysterious image of a piece of paper – seen above – has been circulating the internet.

There’s of course no confirmation and may not be for a while (or ever, since it may be completely made up).

I mean, how hard is it to stage a photo like that?

But when you think about it, the tour would make sense and would make everyone involved a probably literal ton of money. And they’ve already played recently at the DirectTV Super Bowl pre-party.

And they just made a song together with “FourFiveSeconds” with supposedly more to come.

Sounds almost too good to be true, but we’ll keep you posted.

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