Chance The Rapper’s Album To Feature Frank Ocean, J. Cole & André 3000

Chance The Rapper, live, XOYO, 26/08/2013

Chance The Rapper is an artist the world is waiting for to release a major album. And it doesn’t get much more major in 2015 than linking up with Frank Ocean, J. Cole and Andre 3000!

According to his interview with GQ:

“His subsequent guest appearances — nasally breathless, startlingly precocious — gained the attention of artists like Frank Ocean, J. Cole, and André 3000, all of whom will appear on his yet to be named debut LP.”

On what he hates:
“Idle conversation. All the deadly sins. I’m really not trying to sound poetic, but I feel like that’s a really poetic question.”

This sounds like its a follow up to Acid Rap, and not to Surf, but we’ll keep you posted.

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