Hardwell Ft. Harrison – Sally (Official Music Video)

Last week Hardwell released his debut album ‘United We Are.’ One of the songs off the album is this track, “Sally” and there has been tons of controversy behind it. For starters, here’s the official music video to the track. Aside from that, this isn’t Hardwell. Well it is Hardwell, but it’s not the type of “genre” we’re used to hearing from the World’s number 1 DJ. This might as well have been a 2015 remix of “Scotty Doesn’t Know.” We’re not hating on the song, we’re just pointing out that this is not a song that should be praised by any means. It’s a mix of rock, EDM, heavy metal, and sounds like something that was made in a garage. Yes, the drop is pretty good, but the vocals (more specifically the words) are terrible. C’mon Hardwell, we thought better of you than this…but it’s kinda catchy, right!?

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