Ultra Counters Uber Mainstream Headliners With Underground Lineup

Ultra-Music-Festival-2012-6 Photo Credit: Plurmance

When Ultra released Phase 1 of their 2015 Festival, names like Skrillex, Carl Cox, Avicii, David Guetta, Axwell, Alesso and more where just a few of the “mainstream” names to make the list. Recently, Ultra decided to stray away from these headliners and introduced a lineup that many didn’t think would see the light of day; RESISTANCE

Ultra’s goal here is to get people away from the mainstream, mainstage fiascos that occur during the festival and get people to appreciate music that’s often heard at a distance. ‘Resistance’ is a lineup full of underground artists such as TINI, Jamie Jones, Art Department and more. Here’s what you can expect from Ultra as they released this statement:


It’s the urge to go against the grain, to step out of the box, to move away from the norm and challenge yourself to experience something new– to break down boundaries and barriers and abandon your comfort zone– to be able to open your eyes and ears to an undiscovered realm of electronic music.


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