Misha Selects Vol. 012 & 013 (Ft. Haywyre, SNBRN, Sam Feldt, Gramatik, Lido, Lil’ Wayne, ELHAE)

Two weeks worth today for a total of… 60+ tracks. Not even going to bother listing the artists since you can see it in the playlists.

I will say that this Haywire kicking everything off is probably my favorite the last couple of weeks, especially the live version. As far as catchy tunes go, this SNBRN debut is too good.

A recent addition was Lido taking on the new RiRi x Yeezy x Paul for one of my favorite remixes from him.

For up and coming hip hop, be on the lookout for ELHAE and Quinn to quickly move up in the world. Can’t forget Lil’ Wayne‘s new mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait 2, had to include a cut and a half off of that.

Anyway, as usual a little bit of everything. <3 and repost on Soundcloud plz? You know you want to.

Vol. 012:

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!