Kanye West Debuts New Music With Rihanna At iHeartMedia Music Summit


Ever since Kanye West announced that he was going to release his album in September, or October… or November of 2014, everyone has been scouring the internet for clues to when it will actually be released. It sure was hell wasn’t the rumored November 24th one.

But it IS coming, as he reminded us Wednesday at the iHeartMedia Music Summit.

As Def Jam CEO was talking about upcoming albums from Big Sean and Axwell x Ingrosso, out of nowhere he brings out Yeezy:

“I wanna stop this and turn it over to one of the great iconic rock stars of our time: Kanye West.”

He then held an intimate, 45 minute conversation with the modest crowd sitting in front of him. He discussed his come up and getting unlikely songs on the radio… discovering EDM and working with Daft Punk and creating “Stronger” and continuing to push boundaries with (then) experimental music and still be able to push the sounds through the masses, on the radio.

That’s when he brought up his statement from 2013 saying he didn’t want to be on the radio:

“I was joking! Of course I want to be on the radio!”

Kanye’s first release of 2015, “Only One” with Paul McCartney, of course came up as well. As Billboard recounts:

“The song came together with McCartney jamming and Kanye freestyling, and West said he only realized when he heard the song played back that ‘my only one’ was a name his mother had called him.

He recalled how many girls he’d made out with to the Beatles’ “Come Together” and what a sexy song it is, and how he was in complete disbelief when Paul stood across from him and played the bassline.”

The best quote of all was him asking Paul:

“What was pussy like in the ’60s?”

But the highlight of the talk was he he closed it: a brand new duet with Rihanna, apparently featuring an “acoustic guitar and a big, soaring chorus and melody with a massive hook.”

Is this the song that also features Paul McCartney and Ty Dolla $ign that’s “dropping soon” … or is this another one?


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