Here’s What Skrillex Is Listening To Right Now On His ‘Skrillex Selects’ Playlist


When has Skrillex not been in the news. Between his upcoming EP with Diplo, releasing sounds on Snapchat (Once & Twice!), Bonnaroo’s Skrillex Superjam Documentary, and the possibility of Skrilly releasing a track with his own vocals on it, there’s been a lot going on with Sonny; and this is all in the first 22 days of January. Damn! Anyways, here’s what Skrillex is listening to at the moment with his ‘Skrillex Selects 1/22‘ soundcloud playlist. Did you think there was a chance “Take U There” wouldn’t be on that list? Didn’t think so…

Skrillex Selects 1/22 Playlist HERE:

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