deadmau5 reddit AMA On New Album, Fucking Goats, Nudes, Elevator Music, Bonnaroo

Deadmau5-Brian-Sullivan[1]Photo Credit: Brian Sullivan

You know it’s going to be a glorious evening when deadmau5 does a reddit AMA (ask me anything)!

Here’s some highlights:

He talks the direction he’s thinking of taking his new album, possibly doing “7 virtues” as opposed to “7 sins.”

reddit deadmau5 new album

deadmau5 takes on Bonnaroo!

reddit deadmau5 bonnaroo

Looks like we can expect a tour, soon ish (we kinda already knew that):

reddit deadmau5 tour

Music he enjoys:

reddit deadmau5 music he likes

Oh he even listens to other electronic music?

reddit deadmau5 future retro

But the only place he apparently listens to elevator music tropical house like Kygo is Bed Bath & Beyond:

reddit deadmau5 kygo

He talks making music:

reddit deadmau5 making music

And trolls making music:

reddit deadmau5 hardstyle

And reminisces the epic Skrillex troll:

reddit deadmau5 skrillex troll

Mau5 Heads tho…

reddit deadmau5 mau5 head

Can’t do a post without classic Joel call out:

reddit deadmau5 wang butt


reddit deadmau5 milk

We’re just going to leave this one alone…

reddit deadmau5 goats

Because typing invisible titties is a once in a lifetime thing:

reddit deadmau5 invisible tittie

This explains why he’s always angry:

reddit deadmau5 nudes

Here’s some sites he visits:

reddit deadmau5 sites

And we’ll end on him talking about sticking LEGO up his cat’s butt… twice:

reddit deadmau5 lego

Actually we’ll end with death:

reddit deadmau5 death

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!