Add Borgore To The List Of Musicians With A Hollywood Hills Mansion

BorgorePhoto CreditSteven Pahel

2014 was the year of “Mansion Buying” for artists everywhere. Avicii bought a massive $15 Million Mansion, as did Calvin Harris. Deadmau5 bought a sick pad for a mere $5 Million, Zedd grabbed one for $3.9 Million, and Jay-Z & Beyonce were actually outbid on a $70 Million home by a video game creator (so they technically didn’t buy a house lol). Anyways, add Borgore to the list as he just cashed in on a $2 Million Mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and it’s sick as f*ck. It features 4 bedrooms, 4 baths and 2,883-square-feet of party space, for Borgore and his hoes to get down to. Yeah, it cost 87% less than Calvin and Avicii’s, but this crib is nothing to shake your head at. Take a look at the pics after the jump…I certainly want to party there!

Borgore’s Mansion Pics HERE:









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