Mord Fustang’s “Elite Beat Agent” Will Excite Any Gamer Nerd

Only super gamer nerds will be excited and understand the idea behind this track and Mord Fustang’s upcoming album.

The Estonian producer channels overt video game influences on his forthcoming first artist album, ‘9999 in 1,’ which he named for random numbers that came stamped on the pirated Russian game cartridges that populated his childhood.

“The Elite Beat Agent is a super agent, the coolest guy this world has ever known,” he says. “Of course, he doesn’t actually exist. The Elite Beat Agent saves you from every type of problem, be it a need for sick beats, or to save a cat from a tree, no crisis is too weird!”

Mord Fustang’s debut album, 9999 in 1, will be available on Jan. 20 through his Magic Trooper imprint.

Pre-Order: 9999 in 1

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